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Why should I sell on Vaper To Vaper?


Simple. Deciding to become a vaper goes hand in hand with deciding to fill up your home with old gear that you just don’t use anymore. Just because you’ve upgrade your gear, doesn’t mean the rest of the world has as well. If your mods, tanks or accessories are still 100% usable, don’t let them gather dust on a shelf. Clean them up and advertise them for sale here on Vaper to Vaper!


Even if you already run a vape store, Vaper to Vaper is the perfect choice for you too. People shop more online these days than they do in brick-and mortar stores. They enjoy the speed and convenience of finding what they want, when they need it – all online. It’s easy, fast and effective to become a Vaper to Vaper seller. Allow us to tell you why.


Vaper to Vaper is home to a platform that’s 100% secure for all to use. We use advanced technology to keep all transactions safe, protecting both buyers and sellers alike. There’s nothing to lose. Only everything to gain, and even more to vape.

Vape University

…No books or costly course material needed! We’ll show you exactly how to get started, with simple step-by-step videos and guidance. You’ll be surprised just how quickly you can learn how to create and manage your very own store with Vaper to Vaper.


Unsure of anything? Stuck? Lost? No clue what’s going on? Relax. Our dedicated support team can help. Just pop us a question via email or our online chat system, and we’ll get back to you ASAP to demystify your queries. Simple.


We only make money when you do! In other words, we have incentive to make SURE you earn 😀 That’s why we’ll even promote your products through our Social Media channels too, 100% free of charge. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. The full works. Hey, we care about your sales just as much as you do. If anything sells, we’ll only charge a small fee of 20% per order. You’re welcome.

Track and monitor your success

Want to keep an eye on how you’re doing? No problem. You don’t even need to be a professional accountant. Use the Vaper to Vaper portal to locate your sales reports and export them to CSV for speedy download. We’ll make sure everything is organized and dandy just for you. Again, you’re welcome.

Secure payments

Once a buyer chooses to make a purchase from you, there’s no beating around the bush or twiddling your thumbs for months awaiting payment. You’ll get paid via PayPal once an order is complete. It’s fast and easy.


How To Create and Manage Your Store

Are you a vaper? Vape shop owner? Want to sell your unsold or outdated products online? It’s high time you created your very own store right here on It’s fast and easy. Check out our video below to find out how!

How to Add and Manage Products

Is your store up and running? Great. If you’re ready to start selling, check out our video below to find out how to start adding and managing your products.

How to View and Manage Orders/Shipping Rates

…And the orders are flying in! Way to go! Now comes the daunting task of managing those orders. Relax – we’re ready to show you how. Check out the video below for the simple explanation you’ve been searching for.

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