10 of the Best Vape Flavors to Make E-Juice

10 of the Best Vape Flavors to Make E-Juice

Thinking about making your own DIY e-juice but not sure where to start? Then we have 10 of the best vape flavors to make e-juice!

E-juice can be a fun and exciting thing to make at home. It allows you to utilize your imagination to come up with some exciting flavor profiles and combinations. The only thing that limits you is your own imagination and creativity. Premium e-juices can be quite expensive, with some retailers charging up to $30 per bottle for some of their best e-juices. So, it makes sense for vapers to look at making their own e-juices at home. If you’re interested in making your own e-juice at home, but not sure which base flavors you should start with, we have 10 of the best vape flavors to make e-juice right here for you!

The great thing about e-juice is its flexibility. You can blend multiple flavors together to create different flavor profiles which recreate desserts, drinks, cakes, candy, and much more! What you create is only limited by your own imagination!

Below is a list of the 10 best vape flavors to make e-juice just to get you started on your DIY e-juice career!


Blueberry flavor offers you a sweet blend that throws a little tartness into the mix. It blends well with other sharp flavors like lemon, citrus, and ginger as well as creamy vanillas.



Any good dessert e-juice is going to contain a bit of chocolate as well as a lot of the drinks and shake based recipes. Chocolate blends very well with nuts, mint, fruit, vanilla and anything else you could imagine eating dipped in chocolate!



Apple offers vapers a smooth, rich taste. Like the majority of fruit flavors, it works well with caramel, cinnamon, and ginger. It also adds a layer of sweetness to any e-juice without overpowering it with apple or overpowering the apple flavor.



Cinnamon adds a spice element to any e-juice recipe which you’re creating. Any traditional recipe which has a cinnamon component will work well with cinnamon e-juice flavors.



If you’re going to get serious about making your own DIY e-juices, then you have to include a vanilla base flavor. Vanilla is a great base flavor for almost all e-juice recipes. It adds a level of creaminess to the juice and can be a great way to level out any strong flavors. Just like a scoop of ice cream, vanilla goes with almost anything.



Like most fruits strawberry is the backbone of many different e-juices. It is very sweet fruit, so it’s important that you don’t overpower any other flavor profiles by using too much of it.



If you want to add a nutty element to your e-juice recipes, then hazelnut works well with most e-juices. If you pair hazelnut with chocolate, you get an amazing Nutella inspired e-juice. It also works very well with coffee.



Lime is perfect for adding a tart citrus element to any of your e-juice recipes. You can add fruits together like strawberry and lime, and other tropical fruits. The tartness of the lime helps to balance out the sweetness of certain fruits.



We all love to add little cool mint to e-juices and peppermint is the go-to for many refreshing e-juices. Be careful how much you add, too much peppermint will take your breath away and blow out your taste buds!



Just to throw in another popular nut, the pecan is great for making traditional pie recipes when combines with caramel and cinnamon. It also goes very well with coffee and other fruit flavors.


When you make your e-juices always take careful notes and be precise with your measurements. If you end up accidentally making an awesome e-juice, you want to be able to recreate it again, and quality notes and precise measurements make this easy. Teaming up with your friends is also a good idea when you first start. Different people can focus on different recipe creations and then share the final product. Buy quality base ingredients, and your final product will be much better than if you cheap out on low-quality ingredients.


Author: Ben Jackson

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