The Best RDAs of 2018

The Best RDAs of 2018

If you have been searching for the best RDA of 2018, then let us take the hassle out of it with our list of some of the most exciting RDAs on the market this year!

If you’re looking for great beginner RDAs, RDAs for delicious flavor, or those RDAs that pump out massive clouds of vapor, then our list of the best RDAs of 2018 will help you make that choice. When it comes to choosing a new RDA, there are a lot of different factors which go into the final decision. There are hundreds of RDAs on the market, so it makes sense that you want to find the best RDA and avoid the rubbish.


DigiFlavor Drop RDA

The DigiFlavor Drop RDA comes in at the top of the list for its easy to build deck and impressive T-shaped stepped airflow system. This allows vapers to dial in the airflow to suit their style of vaping, giving you the vape session you prefer. It features a four-post build deck that not only makes building coils a breeze but allows you to build the coils you like. Coming in at the 24mm, the DigiFlavor Drop RDA also comes with a 510 Squonk Pin.



Dice RDA

Coming in at number two for affordability and quality is the Dice RDA by Vaper In Town. The Dice RDA can handle up to 16 coils and a variable lower and upper air flow that helps pump out some seriously impressive vapor. The mixture of dual level coils helps to boost both the flavor and the vapor volume of the Dice RDA. It has a 25mm diameter, new deck design, and a 510-drip tip adaptor or wide bore drip tip. There really is no better value for money RDA on the market.



Bonza RDA

The Bonza RDA by Vandy Vape comes in at number three on our best RDAs of 2018 list. There a reason this beast is number three is the crazy amount of flavor and vapor it produces. It has a high-quality build and is manufactured with strict quality and control that ensures you’re getting a top product. The Bonza is 24mm in diameter and has a massive 7mm juice well. There are some great color customizations available, with five colors to choose from. The side airflow system helps to prevent any e-liquid leaking, and you won’t flood or overflow if you get a bit carried away squonking.



Wasp Nano RDA

For beginners looking at getting into the RDA scene, the Wasp Nano by Oumier makes a lot of sense. It’s affordable and very easy to build and wick, making it a great choice for inexperienced vapers. The Wasp Nano proves that good things really do come in small packages. The Wasp Nano is a low-profile RDA that makes it ideal for vapers that like to vape on the go. It has a narrow 22mm diameter and is only 22.5mm in height without the drip tip attached. Value for money isn’t going to get you a better single coil RDA. If you prefer to squonk, then you’ll be able to get your squonk on with the Wasp Nano RDA by Oumier.



Dead Rabbit RDA

The Dead Rabbit RDA by Hellvape comes with both single and dual coil options for the building enthusiast. The Dead Rabbit is a 24mm diameter RDA with four gold-plated build posts. The airflow on the Dead Rabbit is designed for maximum vapor production and minimum airflow. You can choose to vape the Dead Rabbit with either a single or dual coil setup, and if you prefer squonking then it makes a great squonk setup.



Choosing an RDA is never easy, that’s why we made this list of the best RDAs of 2018 to help narrow down some choices for you. Obviously, there are hundreds of RDAs on the market, with more and more RDAs being released every day. Picking through the best RDAs and the most affordable RDAs is never easy, but this list will help give you some of the best RDAs available in 2018. If you have any questions or have used any of the RDAs above, then don’t hesitate to comment below!

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